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"Real change happens when the people who need it, lead it." 


Breyone's Priorities

"BRE C."

(Bridge the Gap Represent Educators Equity in Education Call on Community)

Bridge the Gap
  • Provide Perspective:

    • The middle ground between policy vs practice is very large in the Lafayette Parish School System. Breyone has recent knowledge of exactly how educational policies unfold as they enter into classrooms and schools across our district. This can aid in a proactive approach to avoiding fires rather than putting them out later. 

  • Communicate with BESE Members:

    • Local School Board Policies are often limited by what the state education policies mandate. By reaching out to let the Louisiana State School Board members know how the policies directly impact Lafayette Parish, Breyone can choose to do something rather than nothing about the "red tape" that is often mentioned in education. 

Represent Educators
  • Empower Teachers:

    • As doctors are the experts in their medical office, teachers are the experts in their classrooms. There are ineffective practitioners in every profession, this does not mean that all professionals should lose the ability to make decisions. Teachers should receive support and training based upon research-based best practices in order to provide a prescriptive education to their students, they should never lose that ability.

  • Lend an Ear:

    • Breyone will be a listening ear that teachers can trust. Teachers are often afraid to speak up because they fear retaliation of some sort. Whether or not that is a legitimate fear depends on one's perspective and/or position within the school system or community. She values the input of teachers because they are the ones who work directly with the students daily. Breyone has built relationships with educators and they can trust that she will listen without retaliation and act on any situation with the best interest of the students first. 

Equity in Education
  • Provide Safety for All:

    • Our schools house the most precious assets of our community and they must be kept safe at all times. Many of our campuses are open and at any moment visitors can enter without the knowledge of the campus staff. It is Breyone's priority to ensure that parents are able to rest assured knowing that they are sending their children to the safest schools possible and teachers are able to teach with peace of mind. This can be achieved by extending some of the practices already in place at other schools in Lafayette Parish. 

  • Push for Building Improvements:

    • LPSS has many old buildings in need of updating. The cleanliness and appearance of some of the buildings do not convey that we value education as much as we should. Breyone plans to advocate for school improvements not only to improve the learning/work environment aesthetically but also to rid the schools of health and safety concerns that are present due to the age of many of the buildings.

  • Equal Educational Opportunities:

    • All students deserve access to quality and state of the art education and effective/passionate teachers. Children cannot choose the families or socioeconomic status that they are born into, nor can they choose their disabilities. With that being said, no child should receive different public educational opportunities than their peers because of where they live, their familial structure, socio-economic status, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or any other factor that is out of their control. Breyone understands that some opportunities are not appropriate for all students however, there are federal guidelines and parental input meetings to determine what is best for students in specialized cases (i.e. special education and 504 classifications).    ​​ 

Call on Community
  • Transparency & Responsibility: Stakeholders are more likely to support an endeavor where there is a shared vision and mission. Breyone plans to promote fiscal responsibility by putting the needs of the students first and foremost above all things. By being transparent as a school system, we can finally get the community on board and involved in investing in our future, the students of Lafayette Parish.  

  • Partnering with Parents: Parental involvement is a critical component to the success of a student and schools in general. Breyone plans to interact with parents and seek their input in regards to their needs as parents of students in our school system.

  • Community Involvement: The happenings of a community are a direct reflection of the state of the educational system of that said community. If we want to decrease crime and the poverty level in our parish, we must band together as a community to make education a priority, not just in conversation but also in the actions that we take. It is famously quoted that it takes a village to raise a child, with that being said, Breyone plans to seek out involvement from various businesses and community organizations to ensure that "the village" is aiding in raising the children of LPSS.